Sustainability Project

Just as fashion has its cycle, it comes and goes, everchanging by the hands of time, so do many other things around us.

We make a difference

Some less looked upon, even ignored. Our attention span has shortened, we get easily bored and change trends like songs on a playlist.

We consume. That’s what we are. We use, abuse and move on. It’s time to stop, reflect, step back in order to look forward. We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world. We have a role, no matter how small. We matter, we make a difference. We have to.

Be responsible

To be responsible not only about our things, material possessions, but life around us. Each living life around us. It’s time we stop looking around and hoping others will do something for us, but take charge of change.

Together, you, us, we can at least try. Our pledge to plant a tree for each product we sell, each client we get is just the beginning of something greater than us.