Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants are designed and processed entirely in Italy, thanks to the use of the best modern technologies and finished by hand, in order to ensure the greatest detail along with the highest quality.

Collection: MANNUCCI 1978

It was 1978 when mr. Mario Mannucci started his career in jewellery sector.

He was an artisan set in Perugia,Italy who has been driven by his passion into a new world.
He was a father too and day by day he passed his passion and experience to his son, Marco who is the actual creative designer and manufacturer of every piece of M1979 collection.


The inspiration behind Mannucci collections is MATTER.
Marco’s vision comes from the origins, from antiquities and breaks into modern days through matter, metals, stones, leather and earth.
By building every piece with his own hands and by making his hands dirty, Mannucci family brings every collection to the level of art.
This art is made on irregularities, imperfections and dusty colors and it’s a divergent and disruptive proposal from the projects of conventional fashion.

It’s personal, unique and SUSTAINABLE.

Every piece of jewelry has its own personal story with is part of it, a story that can be worn with it.

M_1979 is in a continuous evolution and highlights the details of the typical MADE IN ITALY tradition.

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