Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants are designed and processed entirely in Italy, thanks to the use of the best modern technologies and finished by hand, in order to ensure the greatest detail along with the highest quality.

Collection: MANNUCCI 1978

It was 1978 when mr. Mario Mannucci started his career in jewellery sector.

He was an artisan set in Perugia,Italy who has been driven by his passion into a new world.
He was a father too and day by day he passed his passion and experience to his son, Marco who is the actual creative designer and manufacturer of every piece of M1979 collection.


The inspiration behind Mannucci collections is MATTER.
Marco’s vision comes from the origins, from antiquities and breaks into modern days through matter, metals, stones, leather and earth.
By building every piece with his own hands and by making his hands dirty, Mannucci family brings every collection to the level of art.
This art is made on irregularities, imperfections and dusty colors and it’s a divergent and disruptive proposal from the projects of conventional fashion.

It’s personal, unique and SUSTAINABLE.

Every piece of jewelry has its own personal story with is part of it, a story that can be worn with it.

M_1979 is in a continuous evolution and highlights the details of the typical MADE IN ITALY tradition.

Join M_1978 with PECULIAR9 to be part of this story!

Collection: Puntinati – DOTTED

The iconic NOVE25 collection, inspired by the sardinian jewellery tradition and offering a modern take on the classic style.

The signature sparkle of DOTTED jewellery is achieved through exceptionally meticulous craftsmanship from the design stage right through to production.

Collection: SNAKE

The figure of the snake has always held strong ideological and symbolic connotations.

A capsule selection of pieces is dedicated to the ouroboros, while the rest of the collection features snakes and anatomical and geometric shapes created based on 3D studies of the scales.

Collection: BARBED WIRE

The Filo Spinato collection is inspired by contemporary tattoo culture and features two finishes: a blackened silver and a more minimalist polished silver.

Collection: MATERIC

With an experimental approach to techniques and materials, Nove25 creates an incredibly innovative collection for a niche of highly demanding customers.

A particular processing of silver results in a rocky and material effect, showing cracks on the surface, studied in every detail and presented in two colors: black and white. The typical bright effect of silver is completely erased: the glossy touch is given by bronze grafts and a transparent coating.

The white color is obtained through a special thermic process and represents a total news in the industry. The black color is obtained through the silver browning process.

Volumes and shapes are minerals-inspired and the rocky effect makes jewels look like as if they were hand-carved directly from rough rocks.

The collection includes wide and narrow bands, signet rings, bangles, dangle earrings, hoops and pendants.
The collection’s average price point is relatively higher if compared to other collections.

Collection: TAROT

Inspired by the world of Tarot with its Minor and Major Arcana cards, these ancient symbols are the focus of the collection, which comes in two elegant finishes: yellow gold and rhodium.

Collection: NATIVE

The Native collection takes inspiration from Native american jewelry and stylistic codes. What characterizes this collection is the sharp combination between Navajo Symbols and art deco elements, creating designs with a contemporary appeal,typical of the Nove25 signature.

This collection’s finish is different from all others, because of a new treatment donating silver an antiqued effect.

Turquoise and howlite are used for the first time by Nove25. To add uniqueness to the collection, stones are treated to obtain a matte finishing.

For the first time, with this collection Nove25 introduces decorative elements in bronze.

It included Signet Rings, bands, hoops and dangle earrings, bangles and pendants. It is possible, upon request, to customize some elements.