About Us

Our story started with a mirror. A reflection of ourselves, echoing an outer shell that we wear with pride.

It’s an emotion we carry with us daily, a feeling we take in with every thrown glimpse. It’s that strut you work with every step you take. It’s fashion! That’s when Peculiar 9 was born. A translation of a personal vision. A place where fashion meets emotion, an exploration of yourself through a careful selection of international designers. A markedly unique place that sets itself apart as a concept, by ensuring a selection of innovative and inspiring pieces of future fashion. Possessions for your day by day life that wish to serve more the longevity within design as opposed to short-lived trends.

Each piece of the story called you are personally selected by a dedicated team of creatives and professionals that remain cohesive across trends, giving Peculiar 9 an inspiring foresight that is heartfully cared for.

Driving Industry Trends

Peculiar 9’s focus is to reimagine the way you express yourself, with a selected range of high quality avantgarde and street wear italian fashion brands, but always keeping and eye on sustainability, ensuring that every brand we showcase has a forward thinking, earth-aware approach to their products.

Sourced from Around the Globe

Looking good is a choice, but it is one worth making. Peculiar 9 doesn’t agree with rules, with preconceptions, with uncertainty.

Peculiar 9 believes in style, because it’s priceless. We don’t want to sell you our clothes, but for you to buy into our vision. Don’t try too hard to be special. You already are!

Our Designers