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About Us

Our story started with a mirror. A reflection of ourselves, echoing an outer shell that we wear with pride. It’s an emotion we carry with us daily, a feeling we take in with every thrown glimpse. It’s that strut you work with every step you take. It’s fashion! That’s when Peculiar 9 was born. A translation of a personal vision.

A place where fashion meets emotion, an exploration of yourself through a careful selection of international designers.



Streetwear is a dynamic genre of fashion, open to creative brands sharing meaningful messages to the world through their designs.


Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants are designed and processed entirely in Italy, thanks to the use of the best modern technologies and finished by hand, in order to ensure the greatest detail along with the highest quality.


WEAREEYES is a new, game-changing eyewear brand, built under one vision: to create a beautiful collection of sunglasses with high quality, that is accessible to everyone.

Create Your Own Style

Each piece of the story called YOU are personally selected by a dedicated team of creatives and professionals that remain cohesive across trends, giving Peculiar 9 an inspiring foresight that is heartfully cared for.

Our Designers